April 2019 Article

Dear Friends,

John Wesley wrote, “Only the power that makes a world can make a Christian”. Stop and ponder that a moment! I don’t know about you, but I can’t get my mind around the magnitude of that statement. It calls me to the end of myself—of my own strength, talent, intelligence. It points me to the One who spoke, and whatever He spoke became reality! It reminds me that the Spirit of God hovers over the darkness of the human soul just as He did over the face of the deep. It invites us to hear the creative word of life and light that comes only from God. It reassures us that, by the grace of God, we can be good again—a new creation in Jesus Christ! 

As I write, Lent, the holy season of preparation and restoration that precedes Easter, is passing quickly. Where do I sense the “hovering” of the Holy Spirit in my soul? What word do I need to hear that impart the life of God anew? Where do I long to be good again? Can you relate to any of those questions in these days? As I reflect on them, I think of the prayer found in the chorus of the song, Jesus I Believe, by Big Daddy Weave. It seems to echo the cry of my own heart as I write. Maybe you can relate, as well.

I need to hear You now
I need to know it's You
I'm standing on your promises
I know your Word is true
You're bigger than what I see
It's You in exchange for me
'Cause even the impossible can be reality
Jesus I believe 

This Easter, may the power that made the world make the impossible to be reality in our hearts, homes, church, and community!

For Jesus,