February 2015 Post

I have found myself dwelling on the concept of “love” lately. I guess it might be that time of the year, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, but it could be something else. Quite a bit of my research for sermons has certainly revolved around the idea of God’s love for us, Christ’s love for His church, and brotherly love that we all should have towards one another, but I think it might be something else.

One thing that I have noticed is that a loving person is more valued and looked up to these days. Maybe the pendulum has swung the other way after the past decades where decadence was sought in the ‘80s, introspection and loathing in the ‘90s, and a false sense of entitlement in the ‘00s. Maybe we are finally realizing, once again, what is important.

I have attended a number of funeral services in the last seven months and I believe that these gatherings have me thinking about love more than anything else. Love and legacy, that is. People respect loved ones who loved their God, family, and church above everything else. That gives me hope.

I pray that I am one day remembered only for my love. That should be the goal for the church as well. We are called to love no matter what. That is our inheritance and legacy as the body of Christ. So let’s love like there’s no tomorrow! Our love should not become a status symbol, but a part of our DNA.


Pastor Ebb