January 2015 Post

This is a wonderful time of reflecting on the year that has passed and dreaming of
what the new year will bring. God is such a caring Father that we sometimes forget
that His plans are much better than our own.

It is crazy for me to think of what I had planned this time last year. I was starting my
last semester of seminary, had applied to Asbury’s Pastoral Counseling program, and
was set to start training to be a hospital chaplain. The farthest thing from my mind
was being a solo pastor at a church in the panhandle of Florida! However, God’s
plans for me were much different and as the old TV show states...Father Knows Best!
Twelve months later, I can’t imagine being anywhere else in the world than where I
am right now. Jay UMC has been so open and welcoming to me and my family. While
there was (and still is) a learning curve to be reckoned with, I have no doubt now that
this is what God created me for. It is a pleasure to serve a vibrant and dedicated
group of Christians like you all.

I personally have high hopes for the coming year. Doubtless there will be more
learning to come, but I know I have a great support system here at Jay UMC. I pray
that we all seek to love Christ’s church and stay focused on serving God’s people
throughout the year!

Blessings, Pastor Ebb